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Alec Tiranti for Sculptors' tools, materials and studio equipment.
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Our products include:

alginate body moulding casting kit
aluminium foil
aluminium leaf
body casting
body moulding
bronze powder
carbon fibre
carving stands
casting tools and materials
Centricast C300
centrifugal casting mouldmaking machine
chavant plasteline
chavant sculpting clay
ciment fondu
clay modelling tools
clay rollers
clear casting resin
clear epoxy resin
cold cast
silicone rubber
copper foil
copper leaf
dental tools
diamond abrasives
diamond files
diamond whetstones
Dirty Down
fast cast urethane resin
gas kilns
gelflex ancillaries
gelflex hot melt vinyl rubber
gelflex melting pots
gelflex thermometer
gilders' tips
gilding materials
gold leaf
green stuff
hand cut rifflers
laminating brushes
latex thickener
lead free pewter
life casting
low melt alloys
metal fillers
microcrystalline wax
modelling materials
modelling stands modelling tools
modelling wax
modroc plaster bandage
mould making materials equipment
needle files
Nabertherm kilns
normal set alginate
pewter sheet
plaster bandage
plaster of paris
plaster of paris bandage
plaster of paris polymer
plaster tools
polyester pigments
polyester resin
polyurethane foam
polyurethane resin
polyurethane rubber
potters wheels
potter's wheels
pottery clays
pottery equipment
pottery tools
putty silicone
restoration and finishing materials
riffler files
rtv silicone moulding rubber
sculpting tools
sculpture tools
sharpening stones
silver leaf
silicone rubber mould making
slow set alginate
square and round aluminium wire
stainless steel modelling tools
stone carving chisels
stonecarving tools
studio equipment
super sculpey
tin alloys
tool rolls
translucent silicone rubber
tungsten tipped stonecarving chisels
vinamold hot melt vinyl rubber
wax modelling tools
wax pigment
white metals
woodcarvers' chops
woodcarving chisels and gouges
woodcarving tools
woodcarving vice

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