Here at Alec Tiranti, we offer a range of products for different artistic modes at a professional standard of quality. As part of our range, we have all a budding artist could need in terms of ceramics and pottery, whether you're undertaking a restoration project or starting from scratch.

Ceramics and Pottery Tools

We provide a great range of pottery tools from our website, including rolling pins, strip tools, wooden ribs, coiler tool sets, handle makers, knives, hole cutters, needles, clay extruders and guns, slip trailers, pallet knives, bow harps, clay cutters, pottery turning tools, stainless steel turning tools and other related tools. Tools that are especially useful when working on pottery project include a deep cleaning tool, sponge, bamboo brushes, twin point spears and fettling tools. If you're just starting out and not quite sure what to get, and you want to make sure you've covered all bases, we can also supply a pottery tool set. This includes a wooden potter's rib, modelling tool, ribbon tool, sponge, needle tool, loop tool, metal scraper and wire clay cutter.

Ceramics and Pottery Glazes

You have all the materials you need, and you complete the first stage of your pottery or ceramic project. After this, it is important to select your glaze to put the finishing touches on your piece. We have a variety of different glazes to choose from, so you can find the best look for your creation, which also serves to preserve the quality of your piece. Whichever medium you're working in, we offer different kinds of glazes, in a plethora colours. There are a great many options within each glaze, such as a spread of 83 different colours when you select our Spectrum Stoneware Glaze. Moreover, we also supply Underglaze Pencils and Spectrum Underglazes, as well as related products such as body stains and wax resists.

Ceramics and Pottery Restoration

Aside from sculpting your pottery and ceramic pieces from scratch, we can also help you with any restoration project. So that you can restore an older or antique pottery piece to its former glory, you will require the best materials. From the raw materials to the finishing glazes, we can help you with your restoration project.

Ceramics and Pottery Expertise

We not only stock and supply our customers with the ceramics and pottery tools and materials, but you can also take advantage of our expertise in the field. We will be happy to advise you on your project and offer any information about how the that products we sell can benefit you. If there is a specific product you're looking for, or you need some advice on your ceramics project, we would be happy to help.