Here at Alec Tiranti, we offer a range of products for different artistic modes at a professional standard of quality. As part of our range, we include products using Jesmonite, a casting material that has grown as time has gone on since its introduction in the 1980s. Artists, sculptures and manufacturers all continue to make use of the material's versatility and ability to mimick different textures such as wood, fabric or stone.

What is Jesmonite and What is it Used For?

Jesmonite is a composite material consisting of a gypsum-based material in an acrylic resin. Its origins are within the UK, invented by Peter Hawkins in 1984. It is most commonly used for forming sculptures and three-dimensional work. It can also be used with other materials as a ground for painting, or as a surface material in building and construction. Due to its versatility, it can be cast into a variety of mould types, with the best results seen with silicone. Our customers often use the material for a variety of modelling, casting and mould-making applications, and it's available in a selection of different product groups depending on the required application.

Jesmonite Acrylic Sealer

The Jesmonite acrylic sealer is a pure acrylic addition liquid, which is used for the AC100 compound, acting as a waterproof sealant for AC100 structures for outdoor type applications. It can also be used with pigments as a colour wash for patination or to age casts, and has the benefit of being long-lasting, not requiring a re-coat until between six and ten years.

Jesmonite Acrylic Composite

We offer a choice of two acrylic composites, which includes the AC 100 and the AC 300 range. The acrylic sealer is only to be used with the Jesmonite AC 100, which is a water-based composite material with no solvents or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It can be used for castings and carving, as well as a mould casing when allied to Quadaxial glassfibre matting. The AC 300 is similar to AC 100, but offers a lower acrylic resin content, meaning that it is cheaper and best for larger casts (especially when laminated with Quadaxial matting). Its lighter consistency also means that it is better suited for mould casings than AC 100.

Jesmonite Mixing Blades

In order to mix the AC100 and AC300 acrylic composite compounds, it is necessary to use mixing blades. We offer these stainless-steel mixing blades, which have been designed especially in order to reduce the risk of air bubbles developing, ensuring a smooth and lump-free consistency. The blades come in a choice of two sizes (65mm or 105mm diameter), both attaching to a standard 10mm battery drill chuck.

Jesmonite Quadaxial Glass Reinforcement

Developed by Jesmonite to use with its resins, the Quadaxial glassfibre reinforcement is a kind of matting that is ultra-lightweight, yet extremely durable. The lay-up of the fibres makes it perfect for casting lamination, and even more so for mould casings, which are structurally stiff and incredibly lightweight.

Jesmonite Retarder and Thixotrope

Futhermore, the Jesmonite Retarder is an addition liquid to slow the setting process and is suitable for use with both the Jesmonite AC 100 and AC 300, increasing the "pot life" of a mix, especially in environments with extremes of temperature or humidity. The thixotrope is an addition liquid, used to thicken both the AC 100 and AC 300 compounds. It allows you to apply a thicker Gel Coat layer to a mould surface, without the compound running off the sides of the mould. It also avoids the glass reinforcement showing through into the smooth face of the mould, and can also be made into a paste to carry out repairs to existing moulds.

Jesmonite Pigments

It is possible to make use of a plethora of different colour pigments and metal powders to obtain the finish you want. We stock a variety of pigments for Jesmonite in the 200ml size. We offer six colours which can be added to Jesmonite mixed at around 2-5% by weight of mix. As Jesmonite has a naturally pale finish, you can either use a white pigment to keep a consistent tone, or choose from from our array of coloured options.