Modelling Tools

When it comes to working with materials, having the right tools make an enormous difference. Not only can they make your work lighter and easier, but they can also greatly improve the quality and precision of your technique. Here at Alec Tiranti, we utilise our decades worth of experience in the sculpting and modelling industry to source the finest and highest quality tools on the market. Today, we will be taking a look at the variety of modelling tools we offer depending on the material at hand, how they can be of use to both professionals and beginners alike, and their merits over alternative options.

Wax modelling tools

Working with wax can be precarious work - too much heat will cause the wax to melt, and too little heat will keep the wax brittle and unmalleable. With an alcohol burner, you can easily control the level of heat applied to the wax, by heating up the modelling tool you are working with and making for an easier working method. The methylated spirit fuel burns with a clean flame, an essential when working with modelling wax. The stainless steel wax modelling tools are an excellent choice for this, as they easily conduct heat to warm up quickly without taking damage from the heat of the flame.

Clay modelling materials

Another popular choice of material our clients often work with is clay. Our website hosts some of the most popular modelling tools for working with clay, which are suitable for a number of different clay types. Our clay shapers allow you to make beautiful textures and marks in the clay, adding depth and bringing your sculptures to life. Alternatively, for the earlier stages of your model where you are just trying to remove that excess material, our combination modelling tools with their offset "B" loops will help you do so with ease.

Plaster modelling

For modelling with plaster, we stock many of the essentials for getting you started, as well as tools to help you master the art. For instance, our sets of plaster bandages will ensure you lay the proper foundational mould for your model. Once this has been set, the diverse array of plaster modelling tools will help you refine more intricately the finer details of your model. With Italian plaster spatulas, smaller plaster tools, and stainless-steel griffons, there is something for everyone's individual needs here. We even supply tool boxes and suede tool rolls, if you need something to store your new tool collection in.