RTV65 is the new replacement for RTV101
This silky smooth easy to work with Deep red rubber has all the same properties of the RTV101.
Pot Life: 45mins
Tackfree: 15mins
Shore A Hardness: 65
This rubber is primarily used for the casting of low melt alloys, both centrifugally and by hand, or where a very firm mould is required. RTV65 is used in the Centricast system for casting military figures, jewellery, model parts and dolls house accessories, centrifugally in lead/tin alloys or pewter. It can also be used for casting resins, waxes, plaster etc.
This silicone is not skin safe and is not suitable to be used on the body.
RTV-65 Condensation Cure 5.15kg kit

RTV-65 Condensation Cure 5.15kg kit

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