Spectrum UG 06-6: Orange 113gm (505)

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Spectrum Underglazes offer a full palette of rich, vibrant colours, which fire from 1000-1280°C.
Rich Vibrant Colour Range. Can be intermixed to create your own colour.
Lead Free
Wide firing range 1000-1280°C
* Opaque with 3 coats, * Semi-opaque with 2 coats, * Semi-transparent with 1 coat.
They are compatible for use under most of our clear glazes. Unlike many other brands of underglaze Spectrum use a frit base. The advantages to the user are that they can be applied on greenware or bisque and they can be used with or without a clear glaze covering.
When used without a clear glaze cover they have a matte velvet like surface.
However, when used without a clear glaze cover they are not considered dinnerware safe because the rough surface can be difficult to clean and can encourage bacteria growth.

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