PR88 Hand Protection Cream 1lt

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A skin protection cream which, when applied before work, protects the skin against dirt and many chemical substances. It washes off after work using water only.

It protects and conditions the skin at the same time and has a pleasant almond smell. The cream offers protection against oil, fat, grease, dirt, oxides, soot, paints, inks, varnishes, glues, adhesives, resins, fibreglass, polyester pastes - almost any substance which is not water based. Once dry, (1 or 2 minutes), it will not feel greasy - you may even find you actually have better grip; and it will not transfer to other material. In fact, it can prevent fingerprints appearing where they are not wanted, on surfaces to be polished, for example.
Available in two sizes: 100ml & 1 litre.


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