Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions and answers we think you may find helpful.

What is the coverage of Gel Coat Resin?

Gel Coat resin has an approximate coverage of 450gm², a 1kg tin should give you just under 2 square metres.

How much resin do i need when laminating fibreglass?

As a general rule you should go by the ratio of 2 to 1 by weight; for example when using light chopped stran mat (300gm²) you will need around 600 grams of resin to wet it through.

I want to colour my Silicone Rubber. What can I use?

For a true colour - our range of Polyurethane Pigments can be used. You could also use the Acrylic Paints, but the colour produced will not be strong but more of a pastel shade. No product is suitable for colouring RTV-101.

When making skin moulds from T20 or T28 Silicone Rubber, at what stage should a second or subsequent layers be added?

Extra layers added to the mould should be applied when the first layer is still just slightly tacky.

How long can Alginate moulds be kept?

If kept wrapped in damp cloths and sealed in a plastic bag, moulds will normally keep for 2 to 3 days. Ideally though, Alginate moulds should be used as soon as possible as they will begin to shrink and distort as the water dries.

Can layers of Alginate be added to set Alginate?

You can try painting a solution of water and Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) onto the set Alginate before adding additional layers.

I want to colour my Plaster and my Secar casts, what can I use?

Our Earth Colours are ideal for this.

Which Gold Leaf is most suitable for outdoor applications?

The 23¾ carat; the higher the gold content, the better.

How far will 500g of Alginate go?

Normally, it will make up to two face moulds.

I want to put my Plaster cast outside, can I?

No, not really; it will not last well at all. However, if you use Basic Alpha with our Plaster Polymer it will be very weather resistant and should last several years.