White Metal & Tin Alloys

White Metal is a general term which includes all tin / lead alloys; characteristically, they do not change colour when liquid (unless overheated).
Various alloys are available, for hand or machine casting, for making jewellery, model making (architectural, industrial, railway, military etc.) and prototype work.
Virgin Bismuth is also available to add to pure lead to drop the casting temperature when using silicone rubber moulds.
All metals are supplied in long thin ingots called tinman's sticks, for easy melting in flat bottom ladles and in our electric melting pots.
White metals will cast in silicone rubber RTV 101 and SE2005 are normally used.
Recommended pouring temperatures are given, but pour at the lowest temperature consistent with filling the mould satisfactorily. Always dust the mould with talc (or graphite powder) before casting, and pour metal in one fluent action without a break. Allow sufficient time for metal to set before removing from the mould. Beware even the mould can become very hot. Do not attempt to water cool, and do not pour hot metal into damp or wet moulds.
Special note: Any hazard to health is only likely to occur from lead-rich alloys. We are obliged to draw your attention to the Health & Safety Rules supplied with each pack of metal; become familiar with these before using the metal.
White Metal & Tin Alloys