Casting Plaster

Whether you're casting architectural pieces for your home, life-casting or making traditional plaster waste moulds, you always want to be sure that the casting plaster you are using is of high, durable quality. As one of the leading fine casting plaster suppliers in the country, we supply a whole range of premium plaster suitable for all kinds of different applications. Our plaster is available for in a variety of different sizes, to ensure that you get the exact quantity of material you need and with bulk discount available, at the best possible value.

We offer a range of casting plaster with different measures of strength and setting times, to ensure that we cater for each of our customer's individual needs. There is general use Casting Plaster for waste moulds through to very dense and strong casting plasters, plaster dedicated for the production of slip cast moulds and intermediate plaster for modelling or performing at all of the above.

To ensure that you achieve the exact results that you are hoping for with your plaster, we also offer various different plaster additives to effectively alter the texture or density of your plaster before application. Our Tri-Sodium Citrate is an effective retarder for plaster whether used with polymer or water, retarding the plaster to about 60 minutes. Our Plaster Polymer, when mixed with Basic Alpha Plaster, produces an extremely hard, less porous casting or modelling material that is suitable for exterior use. Both are easy to use and produce results you are guaranteed to be satisfied with.

As well as a good quality plaster, it is important that you also have the right tools for applying or shaping the plaster to create an even and professional looking finish on your project. For this, we offer an extensive range of tools such as plaster knives, bowls, brushes, rasps and spatulas