EC-4 Fast Cast Polyurathane Resin

A simple to use low viscocity quick setting resin which will cast even the smallest pieces acurately and much less brittle that other polyester resins. Suits a range of models and patterns including model kits, figures, foundry tooling and pattern making, works well with metal and stone fillers, accepts pigments well, easy to finish with tools when required. Supplied in a 2 part kit (part A and part B).
Instructions for mixing:
1:1 mix ratio (by weight),
Pot life:3-4 minutes unfilled. 4-5 minutes with Filler.
demould time - 0.5 - 1 hour unfilled. 1-2 hours with Filler. varies depending on filler used.
For larger castings we recommend using a filler such as a synthetic onyx, which is used in a 1:1 ratio.

for use with metal fillers please see the individual filler for specific instructions as they must be weighed by percentage in reference to the resin used.
EC-4 Fast Cast Polyurathane Resin
EC-4 Fastcast Urethane Resin 2kg kit

EC-4 Fastcast Urethane Resin 2kg kit

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