If you have some old furniture that needs sprucing up, or you have a brand-new creation that you wish to perfect, our range of restoration and finishing products will be just what you need. Here at Alec Tiranti, we offer our customers all the tools you could require to put the finishing touches on your pieces.

When carrying out restoration on antique products, it is often popular to perform gold leafing or metal leafing techniques. This method brings a new lease of life to older items by completing covering the product in a thin foil material as a means of decoration.

We are also pleased to bring you products from Sculpt Nouveau, specialising in metal patinas, which are used to age and colour metals alongside oils and cleaners, enabling both artists and tradespeople to finish their sculpted pieces.

As standard, our range of finishes includes a wide choice of paints, earth pigments and brushes to create a style and aesthetic that suits you. On the other hand, for more unique restoration products, we can provide items such as stencil brushes, surgical blades and low fire glaze, allowing experimentation with less common materials.

Whether ceramic or pottery restoration, furniture restoration, or stoneware and dipping glazes or underglazes, we are sure to have something that meets the requirements of your restoration project or finishing.