Tiranti Returns


Potterycrafts & Tiranti returns & refund policy.

Potterycrafts & Tiranti would like to thank you for your custom and understand there may be circumstances where you need to return a product back to us. Our returns policy is set out below, we will always process returns according to this policy.

Potterycrafts & Tiranti MUST arrange for ALL returns to be uplifted, WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS RETURNED BY THE CUSTOMER. To arrange a return the customer must send a returns request to:-sales@potterycrafts.co.uk
The Customer must include their:

  • Name
  • account number,
  • order number
  • stock code of the product they wish to return (this can be found on the paperwork received with your delivery),

All returns must have been purchased within our 14 days return policy as displayed in our terms and conditions which can be viewed on our website.

If you have received an incorrect or damaged item, then please inform us immediately by email so we can rectify this.
Please include your account and order number (this can be found on the paperwork received with your delivery). Also please include the stock code of the incorrect or damaged product.

Once your return has been uplifted and arrived back to Potterycrafts & Tiranti you will be informed by a member of staff. You will then have the option to either have a refund or customer credit.

Thank you and continue being creative!