Gilt Finishes and Varnishes

Treasure Gold and Liquid Leaf are both available in the same eight colours, being shades of gold and other metals.Treasure Gold is a nontarnishing wax gilt for decorating or restoring gold leaf, or giving a gold leaf or other metal effect. It is applied and polished to a permanent lustre. A final protective coat of Treasure Sealer is advisable. Available in 25g pots, which cover about 3 square metres.
Liquid Leaf is a liquidbrushon gold or metallic colour. A 35ml bottle covers about 2 square metres.

Gilt Varnish and Gilt Cream are available in a variety of metallic colours.Gilt Varnish is an Acrylic varnish coloured with bronze powders. It is best used on new surfaces well prepared, and preferably sealed. Apply by brush and allow to dry at least three hours and preferably overnight. Depending on the effect required, the finish can be left as it is, or painted using Gilt Cream. Brushes can be cleaned with Turpentine or White Spirit.
Gilt Cream is a soft wax / gold colour bronze powder preparation suitable for retouching damaged gilding on frames, furniture etc., and can also be used to guild new surfaces. Apply with the finger or a Small Round Brush. Leave matt, or buff to a shine once the wax has dried (allow 12 hours). The colours can be mixed to obtain the required shade; this can be done by applying successive layers or by mixing the creams. On new surfaces, the cream can be a finish in its own right. Using both varnish and creams makes it possible to obtain a variety of shades by using different colours of both products. Brushes can be cleaned with Turpentine or White Spirit.
*These products are hazardous/flammable and cannot be shipped outside the UK.
Gilt Finishes and Varnishes