Files and Abrasives

Whatever you are creating, it won't be the same without ensuring a smooth surface. Our range of files and abrasives at Alec Tiranti enables you to polish and perfect your creations. We have an extensive range of files and abrasives to select from, with the finish you aiming for depending on the material you are working with. We have a great range of files, rasps and rifflers, as well as subforms, diamond abrasives, cloth and paper, and bars, cutters and drills. Read on to find out more.

Files, Rasps and Rifflers

The first place to start when it comes to the finishing touches, is our files, rasps and rifflers category. Within this range, we offer a wide choice of needle files, which are great for adding detail in sculptures. A rasp is a coarse file, suitable for scraping, filing, or rubbing down metal or wooden objects. We stock machine-cut halfround stone rasps, wood rasps in a fine grade, Italian rasps for stone, marble and wood, a set of three rasps, including flat, rat-tail and round hand-punched, and a bracelet rasp. A riffler is a long, narrow tool with a curved file surface at each end, making it ideal for filing concave surfaces. Our range of rifflers varies depending on your material, including hand cut rifflers for use with stone, marble and wood, as well as ones designed for working with bronze and other metals, which are also suitable for cold cast resin metals and ceramics. We also stock sets of rifflers either for use on wood or soft stone, or stainless-steel ones that can also be used on plaster, clay and more.


Similarly, subform tools can be used as alternative to rasps in order to remove or shape plaster items. They are supplied as a large flat planerfile, round file, or a shaver tool. As well as tackling plaster, they can also be used on wood, fibreglass, vinyl, thermalite and linoleum.

Diamond Abrasives

Our range of diamond abrasives can enable you to achieve the smoothest finish as they secure real diamond particles to a nickel or resin file. Any rough edges on your items can be worn down, creating a smooth surface. We supply a diamond hand file, as well as a set of diamond rifflers, if you have a diverse variety of jobs to complete. Our diamond file set is also supplied with a different file heads, expanding its range of uses. Diapad® is a patented for its process of attaching the diamond particles in dots either in nickel or resin, implanting it onto a tough fabric, producing this robust and quick-cutting abrasive, capable of producing an incredibly fine finish, used with water.

Abrasive Cloth and Paper

For large surface areas that may have more precise angles or curves, we provide abrasive cloth and paper. These can offer better precision in this way than files in order to smooth down any splinters or bumpy surfaces. As the paper is waterproof, you work with it even with other liquids involved in the process.

Burs, Cutters and Drills

Finally, we bring you our range of burs, cutters and drills. Burs consist of a small rotary cutting tools with a shaped end, used mainly in woodworking. We provide a range of cutters, which can be used for shaping non-metals, plastics and wood. Lastly, drills are tools with a rotating cutting tip or reciprocating hammer or chisel, used for making holes in the material.