Over time, furniture and artwork can become worn and lose some of their brilliance. Here at Alec Tiranti, we appreciate the beauty of a restored antique and the artistry of applying the finishing touches on a brand-new piece. We offer our customers a full collection of top-quality restoration and finishing equipment to spruce up wood, metals, and ceramics.

Alec Tiranti has been the leading supplier of tools to the artistic community for over 130 years, and we have always strived to deliver state-of-the-art restoration equipment to our customers. We stay up to date with contemporary style and technique, and we are constantly introducing new products and services. We offer personal advice to our customers and provide insight into restoration techniques and products. Whether you are restyling old furniture or repairing major damage, we can help you every step of the way by supplying antique restoration products and offering expert advice.

Not only do our wide range of wood finishing products make reviving furniture simple, but they may also introduce you to a new hobby. From initial sanding to applying finishing touches, Alec Tiranti can provide all the products you will need to restore wooden furniture and surfaces to a new lease of life. Our collection of finishes includes a variety of paints and earth pigments that will complement the unique style of your home. We also provide products such as surgical blades, finishing brushes, and stencil brushes for more precise restoration work.

We offer a variety of metal finishing products, including oils and cleaners to polish your metal to perfection. We are pleased to carry products from Sculpt Nouveau, who specialise in metal patinas. Patinas are used alongside our oils and cleaners to create an aged, colourful surface on metals, resulting in a stunning metal finishing. For maintaining gilt objects, we supply gold leaf and metal leaf to cover the surface, which restores the piece to its original quality. We also offer miscellaneous restoration products, such as steel wool for metal polishing.

Alec Tiranti supplies restoration products to a wide variety of artists, including potters and ceramicists. Pottery restoration entails cleaning and preparing surfaces with acetone, sealing cracks with epoxy, and restoring artwork with paints, pigments, and gold and metal leaf. Alec Tiranti can provide everything you will need for your pottery and ceramic restoration, and we can offer expert advice on the process and the required products.

For more information about our restoration and finishing equipment, see our restoration product range. If you have any questions, then please get in touch by telephone, fax, email, and web form. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us and offer valuable industry advice on your next restoration project.