C300 Centricast Machine

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The C300 Centricast machine is a complete low cost casting system which makes moulds using cold curing silicones, and then allows casts in white metals and pewter. It is used for casting miltary figures and accessories, like vechicle kits, model railway parts, jewellery, badges, components and doll house accessories. The advantage over hand casting is that castings are produced in faster quality and quantity, the detail and overall finish are improved and by harnessing centrifrugal force, hitherto difficult parts such as riffles or fine filigree parts can be cast easier.

Utilising cold cure silicone rubber for mouldmaking means that no heat or pressure is required to produce new moulds; consequently, masters can be made from any reasonable hard material incluing; plastics, milliput, white metal, plastikard, super scupley, hard wax or chavant.

The machine itself is of compact and robust design, CE marked, and is ideal for educational, home or workshop use, working off normal domestic supply. Normal supplied voltage is AC 240 volts( 3amps); 110 volts version is available for special order. A fully illustrated manual with hints, tips and full instructions on mouldmaking and casting comes with each machine. Centricast machines are made by our manufacturing department, the guaranteed for twelve months from date of purchase.
Safety information: has a variable speed controller and dynamic braking to stop the turntable when the motor is switched off or the lid is opened. The switch is also a thermal safety cut-out. When properly operated it is impossible to accidentally spill metal or casting material out of the machine.

Supplied with the machine is a universal former plug set, sprue cutter, and an illustrated manual.

Plate packs are supplied seperately in either 7" or 10" version -
For the 7" plate pack please see: 7a Plate Pack.
For the 10" plate pack please see: 10a Plate Pack.

the largest mould possible is 91/4" height x 2" depth, which is achieved by stacking rings.

7" mould rings - rings can be doubled up to create deeper moulds - 3/8" rings + 5/8" rings = mould size 6 1/4" diameter x 2" total depth (159mm x 51mm).

10" mould rings - rings can be doubled up to create deeper moulds - 3/8" rings + 5/8" rings = mould size 9 1/4" diameter x 2 " total depth (235mm x 51mm).

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