Super Sculpey 454g (1lb)

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Super Sculpey
The ultimate sculpting polymer clay. Remains workable until cured (hardened) in a normal domestic oven. Used extensively by film studios and professional mouldmakers worldwide. Also a favourite with doll makers. Rated in the USA (ASTM D4326) as NonToxic, Super Sculpey is an easy condition polymer clay needing minimal preparation before use (hand kneading or rolling through a pasta machine). It is translucent pink/beige in colour and features very fine tooling and detailing characteristics, and does not fill in after tooling. After curing, Super Sculpey bakes to a ceramic like hardness and can be sanded to a fine finish. Super Sculpey should be cured in a preheated oven (135ºC / 275ºF) for 15 minutes per quarter inch (6mm) of thickness. Where models are over an inch (25mm) of thickness a layering technique and part baking is recommended. Super Sculpey is frequently the chosen clay for making prototypes from which moulds are then taken. Further copies are then produced from the moulds. Finished sculptures in the clay may be finished with acrylic paint. Super Sculpey is supplied in 454g (1lb) boxes. Colour: pink / beige only.

Product TypePolymer clay

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