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Ciment Fondu is widely used by sculptors because it is extremely hard and quick setting and gives superb detail. Using Ciment Fondu and an stone aggregate for a concrete mix has replaced stone for certain types of work. Because it is cheap, hard, tough, and durable, it is particularly suitable for large outdoor projects, especially decorative wall surfaces and with proper reinforcement it permits great freedom of design. By using techniques similar to those of the building industry, sculptors are able to create works in concrete on a large scale.
Ciment Fondu is a fine high alumina casting cement which achieves its full strength in 24 hours, it has a working time of approximately 2 hours. The Grey is a dark grey/brown colour.
SAFETY :Always use rubber gloves when using any form of ciment. It is very alkaline and can cause burns.
METHOD: Like building mortar Ciment Fondue needs to be mixed with sharp sand. This is quite a stiff mix and will not pick up fine detail or create a smooth surface, so the ciment has to be applied in stages.
1. Mix up a creamy slurry of ciment fondue powder and water. Without sand, it is suitable for small sculptures and for any that are to be kept indoors.
For outdoor use ,mix 2 parts fine silica sand with 1 part ciment fondue powder, adding enough water to allow you to apply a mix with a brush. A plastic cup makes a good measuring tool.
2. Work on one section of a mould at a time, creating just enough mixture to work on that section . Apply the slurry to the mould with a brush, working it into all the details and coating the surface evenly to about 1.5mm thick.(Don't forget to coat your mould with soft soap liquid before you start and keep the mould damp)
3. Make up the standard ciment fondue mix using 1 part cement fondue 2 parts sand 1 part water.
This will be very stiff but as you apply it to the slurry coat it will absorb some of the water in the slurry layer. Press the ciment into the mould, gradually pushing a wave of slurry in front. It is the job of the slurry to be displaced enabling the cement to fill in all the details. Pat the cement firmly into the mould to a thickness of about 6mm (1/4") The mix should be firm so that it cannot be impressed by a finger.
4. To reinforce the cast, create some more fondue slurry without sand. Paint some slurry onto the layer of pressed ciment. Tear off a piece of fibre glass mat, dip it into the slurry, and work it into the fibres by rubbing it between your fingers.
5. Lay fibreglass in the mould. Continue applying small pieces of mat until you have covered the mould surface. Brush on some more slurry, making sure that all the fibre glass is lying flat and even, then press a final layer of stiff ciment fondue mix so that the resulting thickness is about 13mm (1/2"). Tamp it down firmly.
6. Clean the edges of the mould. Leave it under a wet cloth to cure for 24 hours. Ciment fondue sets by a process of curing rather than drying, so it must be kept wet until it is completely hard.
Drying out prevents proper setting, leaving the ciment weak and crumbly.

Storage & Shelf Life

CIMENT FONDU® packaging is designed to protect it from humidity. However, as with all hydraulic binders, it is recommended that CIMENT FONDU® not be placed outdoors or in direct contact with the ground. When correctly stored in dry conditions, the properties of CIMENT FONDU® will remain within specification limit for at least 6 months. In most cases, its properties will be retained for over a year.

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