Plaster Polymer 5kg

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Acrylic Plaster Polymer for use with an Alpha plasters such as Basic Alpha plaster, and Modell(Crystacast) it will produce an extremely hard, less porous casting or modelling material. It can be used as an alternative to polyester resins for casting due to there being little or no harmful solvents or odour present when using this material.

Use for casting, coating or laminating applications (with glass fibre), by hand or spraying for sculpture castings, props / modelmaking, theatrical and scenic displays. Can be coloured using earth colours/pigments or any waterbased pigment. Also used with stone fillers, sand or aggregates to reproduce many realistic natural effects.

Basic mix is approximately 3 parts plaster to one part Polymer by weight, before adding other items.

This product is not compatible with the following plasters due to the nature of the material; Prestia classic, Prestia Casting, Ceram N1.

Product TypePlaster polymer

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