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Clear Casting Resin is a waterwhite, clear casting resin giving extreme clarity and absence of colour. Properly cured castings have the same refractive index as glass. Suggested applications include decorative castings, table tops, objet's d'art, embedding and encapsulation.
Clear Casting Resin AM is orthophthalic, has low viscosity, low reactivity and low shrinkage. It is set up to cure at room temperature. The resin is modified with methyl methacrylate to enhance weather resistance.
Uncatalysed resin is aqua blue in colour, but this clears to waterwhite when cured.Catalyst addition - 1 1/4% but can be reduced to 3/4% for large scale casts and increased to 2% for small casts.
The ratio of resin to catalyst should be calculted by weight to ensure the product cures correctly
This product has a shelf life of 3 months from the date of purchase
This product is NOT supplied with liquid hardener ( Catalyst ). If you require this, please insure it is included with this order as the shipping cost of this alone can be very high. Product codes for 50gm is 405-810 and the 500gm size is 405-820.
*This product is hazardous/flammable We are unable to ship this product outside the UK

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Lizzie - 14/03/2022
I love using this product for my resin needs, please be mindful that to get this resin to work, you need to weigh both the resin, and the catalyst, if you try to do it by volume, it won't cure.
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