Terracotta Cast with Iron 2.5kg

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Our Terracotta cast with iron has unique casting properties resembling fired terracotta, an extremely hard terracotta coloured casting material which contains iron. This is our own formulation and is made by us in-house.
Cast pieces which are exposed to the elements will eventually bloom with rust spots. Although supplied for indoor use, pieces kept outside have shown resistance to the extremes of weather.

If making hollow casts by swilling, subsequent swills should be made when the previous one is hard but not fully cured.
Hollow casts made up from swills need to be 13mm (1/2") thick un-reinforced. A guide is 3 swills for 12" high, 4-5 swills for 20" high, 7 swills for 33" high. To make good, fill in usual manner but paint into shape using a wet brush.
Mixing Add powder to water by sprinkling over the surface, a good guide is 4 parts by weight of powder to water, adjust to suit job in hand. setting time is approximately 40-50 minutes at ambient room temperature.
Example: 100ml water - 400g of terracotta cast powder.
Storage Keep sealed and store in a warm dry place, shelf life if correctly stored is approximately 6 months.

Caution Minimise dust by opening and mixing in well ventilated conditions. Do not inhale dust, wash exposed skin surfaces after each use. Wear appropriate PPE.
In cases of unusual sensitivity, contact with skin should be avoided. In the case of eye contact, Irrigate with plenty of water immediately; if necessary seek doctors advice.
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